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Southampton chairman says Rodriguez, Schneiderlin will not be sold

So much for the reports that Tottenham Hotspur are close to deals for Jay Rodriguez and Morgan Schneiderlin. Southampton chairman Ralph Krueger has stated that they will not be sold.

Richard Heathcote

We heard on Monday that Tottenham Hotspur were close to finalizing the signings of Morgan Schneiderlin and Jay Rodriguez from Southampton, but that appears to be false. While appearing on Sky Sports News, Saints chairman Ralph Krueger stated very plainly that neither player will be sold this summer, and that they will play for Southampton this season.

He's not leaving any wiggle room there. It doesn't get any more straightforward than that.

Of course, things change. Chairman regularly state that players are not for sale, then sell them, but it wouldn't be shocking if Southampton were finally putting their foot down and refusing to let anyone else leave. They've already made nearly £100m on the sale of five players and don't need any more money. They can buy quite a few players and still have money left over to save, invest in things other than players or put in the owner's pocket.

As always, the English press knows nothing and is totally off base.