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Morgan Schneiderlin unhappy as transfer speculation intensifies

This will end well.

Ian Walton

I think Morgan Schneiderlin is pretty mad, you guys.

On Monday, reports emerged that Schneiderlin was close to joining Tottenham Hotspur, but he's apparently not as close as every paper in England thought. Today, Southampton chairman Ralph Krueger came out and said that Schniederlin is not for sale, nor is Jay Rodriguez, who Spurs were also reportedly close to signing. Through either these comments, a meeting with Southampton or some combination of the two, Schneiderlin is pretty mad.

It's pretty clear that Schneiderlin would like to leave Southampton, though it's not obvious what he means by his tweet. I assume he means that he's had 6 great years at Southampton and that he doesn't have the same respect and admiration that he had for the club an hour ago.

Personally, I don't have any interest in paying £20m for Schneiderlin and selling one of our other midfielders for somewhere in the neighborhood of half that much. But Mauricio Pochettino feels differently, and this is about to turn into a 'transfer saga'.