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Morgan Schneiderlin has not submitted a transfer request

Sky Sports Understands that they pretty much got this one dead wrong.

Steve Bardens

Well, that escalated quickly. The silly season transfer mill was grinding awfully fine this morning after Sky Sports tweeted (apparently incorrectly) that Southampton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin had issued a transfer request to try and force through a move to Tottenham Hotspur.

The internet, naturally, exploded. Only problem is that it appears it never happened. The Daily Echo and TalkSport are both refuting Sky Sports' claims (with the Echo possibly serving as TalkSport's source), saying that Schneiderlin has NOT in fact submitted a written transfer request, and that he reported for training at Southampton today as normal.  Journos on Twitter are also throwing water on that particular fire.

LOL. Great job, Sky Sports News!

Clearly Schneiderlin wants to leave Southampton, and it appears that he's ready to join Spurs if he's allowed to leave. And despite what the Southampton owner is saying now, the odds are probably good that both Schneiderlin and Jay Rodriguez will eventually end up leaving the Saints before the end of the transfer window. This doesn't change anything, really. It does, however, provide a case study into social media, football transfers, and the power of groupthink.