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Tottenham's preseason match got big TV ratings in the USA

America loves us! They really, really love us!

Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Tottenham Hotspur's friendly against the Chicago Fire drew 383,000 viewers on ESPN, by far the highest rated preseason match of the weekend in the U.S. As a comparison, only 289,000 people watched Arsenal play the New York Red Bulls earlier in the day, and Fox Sports 1's exclusive MLB game drew a paltry 223,000 viewers.

Basically, everyone in America loves Spurs because Spurs are the best.

Of course, Tottenham had an advantage over the competition in that their match was the only one on ESPN. The main network draws significantly more viewers than ESPN2, and even ESPN2 draws significantly more viewers than Fox Sports 1 so Spurs had a bigger pool from which to draw from being on ESPN as opposed to the Deuce (where Arsenal's match was) or FS1 (where baseball was).

Regardless, nearly 400,000 people in the U.S. watched Spurs play, and watched them play pretty well. The U.S. tours are to grow the fan base and while a decent chunk of that audience were Tottenham fans, some of them were not. Some were soccer fans without a team, especially new soccer fans who just jumped in at the World Cup, and Spurs may have turned them into fans with that match.

Comparisons are hard and have a lot of variables, but that 383,000 numbers is a hard and fast one. Thats 383,000 people who are fans, were interested or can become fans. That's all good.