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Spurs sign Eric Dier in £4m deal

Our key problem area just got a bit less problematic.

Harry Engels

Behind the smokescreen of Daniel Levy's attempts to further increase the boundless misery of Southampton fans, Tottenham have managed to compete an actual concrete piece of transfer business. The club have announced the signing of Eric Dier from Sporting Lisbon, in a deal that will see Spurs playing the Portguese club £4m.

Per Duncan Castles over at, Dier has agreed a five-year deal with Tottenham, and in a piece of news that should not be surprising to anyone who's witnessed a Daniel Levy deal before, Lisbon were not able to retain a sell-on clause.

This deal, in my view, is mightily shrewd piece of business on Spurs' behalf. Dier is one of the stronger prospects to have emerged from the current generation of English youngsters, and his years in Portugal have enabled him to garner an impressive amount of first-team experience already. He's looked like a future starting centre-back for a top club for some time now, and locking him down (especially at that price) is most certainly something for Spurs fans to celebrate. Alongside new signing Ben Davies and first team stalwart Kyle Walker, Dier is an excellent addition to a young and dynamic back line that in a best-case scenario will be guarding the Tottenham area for many seasons to come.