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Danny Rose signs a new five-year deal with Spurs

I... wait, sorry, what now?

Gareth Copley

Well... erm... we didn't see this one coming.

As anyone who managed to catch some of Spurs' play last season when they weren't burying their head in shame will know, Danny Rose didn't have a fantastic year as a starting LB for Tottenham last year. This preseason he's more or less picked up where he left off, and the club have responded by recruiting Swansea's Ben Davies as a clear replacement. All of which makes tying the former Leeds man to the club for five more years a bit of a head-scratcher.

Trying to look at this piece of news from a positive angle, this isn't necessarily a bad thing if Rose is totally happy with playing second fiddle to Ben Davies and maybe getting some Europa and cup starts over the season to come. However, as Rose expressly said in the past, that's not the career direction he's most interested in taking. So either we're hoping that Rose will take some heart from his new deal and kick on to provide some real competition for Davies to give Mauricio Pochettino some good problems, or we're just creating problems (of the bad kind) for ourselves for the season to come.