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Fourth of July Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for July 4, 2014

In which we debut a new daily writer of the Hoddle.

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Bryn Lennon

Happy Independence Day, for those of you who live in the United States.

I'm Salmon Chase, and I'm pretty happy to be taking over the Hoddle. This is weird. Weirder than I thought it would be.

Roosevelts' email to me yesterday was rather short, but it basically read something like "If you make it personal for you it will feel personal for them, now don't fuck this up". Kevin's email suggested that I go back and look at how things were done around here previously, since you're all frightened of change.

So, much like the fourth of July 1776 was the first day of a new world for Americans, the fourth of July 2014 be the first day of a new world here.

Tottenham To Bid £10 Million For Davies-Telegraph

Get'er done. Lets tie up all the loose ends before we get into preseason.With Liverpool snapping up Lallana and about to be flush with money from Suarez, we need all the pieces in place ... so we can fight for that Europa place again this season.

Sandro Gears Up For Preseason With Some Dirt Biking-Daily Mail

This doesn't strike me as professional behavior to me. Dirt bikes, motorcycles and the like are somewhat more dangerous than swimming with great whites, or traveling to space. I prefer a nice game of Bocce ball to unwind, which is why I don't get horrific career ending injuries.

Former Spurs Youth Kevin Stewart Signs For Liverpool-Sky Sports

A non-story really, but hey, all the news that fits I guess.

Vertonghen Believes Belgium Can Stop Messi-Daily Star

If he does stop Messi, we should cash in.

How MLS Allocation Money And The Allocation Order Work-SB Nation Soccer

This might as well be titled A Complete Moron's Guide To Understanding the Tax Code.