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5 more years of an ugly-ass shirt sponsor

In all seriousness, yay money!

Clive Rose

I'd never heard of AIA before I saw their logo on a Tottenham Hotspur shirt, apparently because I'm American. AIA Group Limited is apparently "the pre-eminent life insurance provider in the Asia Pacific region", and they pay us a lot of money to put some big red letters on our shirts. They're going to keep paying us to do this for another five years.

Club legend Ledley King had to talk about this, because we now employ him to #engage with #brands on behalf of the club and keep fans from getting pissed off about stuff like this. The PR staff wrote some good stuff for him.

"The work we have already done together shows the benefits a partnership like this can bring in terms of the brand-related benefits for both sides and using football as a force for good in communities across the region."

Brand-related benefits, y'all!

Okay, so we're going to get money from these dudes for the next five years. Good for us, we need stuff like this because money is good. But is it so much to ask for the letters to be dark blue on our jersey? Would that damage AIA's #brand, to be presented in an aesthetically pleasing way?