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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links July 8, 2014

In which Salmon Chase waxes eloquent, once again.

Mike Hewitt

Happy Tuesday Spursland!  So I got  a joke for you guys.  Guy walks into a country (along with thousands of crazy guys with weapons) declares himself the head of the Muslim world based on nothing but the "I said so" rule we remember all so well from when we were in the 3 year old's play group at day care, and then the entire Muslim world collectively said shut the hell up because he was wearing a £3,500 watch in his first public appearance. Hilarious right guys? No?

OK, fine, whatever, go talk about Germany vs who ever it is they will limp by today. Apparently this is a "sports website" and is part of a "network of sports blogs so extensive it could meet your every need as a sports fan", and you should "spend some time exploring it to find some other communities you might love just as much as this one".

And now the "news"

Spurs Withdraw Cambiasso Interest - Sportsvibe

This is probably a pretty good thing for us.  We shouldn't be signing old people and Cambiasso is basically ready for Italian Social Security which I believe kicks in at 33 and then everyone retires and lives on state benefits paid for by American Foreign Aid, which again I haven't checked but I think comprises of like 22% of the federal budget.

VIDEO: Poch's First Training Session - Spurs Official

I don't see any video of him speaking English so I am still not comfortable with this guy.

It's Time For Germany To Drop Ozil - SB Nation Soccer

They don't have another person who was born in Poland they can just stick in there as a profound statement about how they view their eastern neighbors, as if they didn't send a strong enough message in 1939.

Liverpool Release Third Kit - Liverpool Offside

Finally someone with a sense of fashion and a taste for attractive linear design is in charge of an EPL side's kit.

Rockets Offer Bosh 4-Year Max Deal - SB Nation

Such a shame that Miami probably won't get him back and I would assume that means Lebron is gone as well.  Sad to see such a dominant team dismantled for what are I assume some pretty great fans in Miami.