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Friday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Friday, August 1

News and links, with an Eric Dier tribute.

Jan Kruger

Happy Eric Dier Day, ladies and gents! That's right, Spurs added another player to its ranks yesterday- a bona-fidey prospect of a centre back no less, and in honour of this momentous day, today's Hoddle theme goes straight out to our newest recruit. Eric, in a world so depressing that movie-goers can lose their sense of perspective like this, you are truly our silver lining this week.

And now the 'news':

Genoa complete Falque deal- talkSPORT

I literally can't believe this guy is already 24. I remember vividly the summer when I first sent out the tentative email to Kevin asking if I could write some stuff for this site and this kid was meant to be the Next Gen Rafa.

Danny Rose anticipates bright future-

Silly Danny, the weather up in Hull is never sunny!

David Nugent scores an absolute stunner in Walsall friendly- Metro

I always suspected Dave Nugent was a bit better than his cruel 'one cap wonder' tag suggests, but then I guess it's important to remember that a lot of his best years have come in the Championship. I myself have a tally of 108 in that league and I still can't figure out how a shinpad strap is meant to work.

Bebe was a weird transfer, but deserves respect- The Busby Babe

What are goals? Bebe don't score them, don't score them no more (no, I haven't read the article yet).

Osvaldo set for Inter medical- Guardian

Rumours that Pochettino hung around near the check-in desk at Gatwick shouting "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE CHOSEN ONE" as he prepared for departure still to be confirmed.

A great advert for the game: Sky Sports promos of the 1990s- Telegraph

Life before Jim White. It was a lovely, tranquil existence.