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WDR Mailbag - The Phantom Mailbag

Give us your Q's and we'll provide the A's

If we ever sell Lennon I shall rebrand as Harry Kane's Maw
If we ever sell Lennon I shall rebrand as Harry Kane's Maw
Julian Finney

The season is finally here! And we won! Which means instead of endless speculation and rosterbation, Wheeler Dealer Radio will actually have something of substance to discuss. And once we get the substance out of the way we'll return you to your regularly scheduled dose of wild speculation and endless rosterbation.

We'll kick this week's 'cast off with Skipjack probably making a dumb joke, followed by a recap of our super awesome victory over West Ham in their cup final. Then we're gonna have like an hour to fill where we'll probably make up some content and pretend like we know anything about our Europa League opponents AEL Limassol.

But we can't do it alone, dear listeners. Drop your totally important and interesting questions in the comments below and if you ask something really smart that we've never heard before, like what's your preferred lineup, we'll talk about it on the show.