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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 21, 2014

Tottenham Hotspurs and links, with no care for Cyprus.

Clive Rose

Happy Spursday, Spursland! Do you know anything about Cyprus? Because I don't, or at least nothing since the Crusades. I think it had like one thing happen during World War II and they probably eat a modest amount of humus. But you know what? It doesn't matter, because today is the day our march through Europe, as conquerors, begins. It's like Richard the Lionhearted, only without the dying before he got back to England, or the violent betrayal of his father, the previous King, or all the rape and pillaging in the countryside of Europe. So I guess it isn't really like that at all, but you got where I was going with that.

And now the "news"

Spurs Taking Europe Seriously- Sky Sports

Not if you go by the squad they are taking to the Mediterranean. Big Poch is just a more thickly built AVB and we are doomed to the fate of the cubs, or worse, people who live in New Jersey.

Southampton Captain Begs Schneiderlin Not To Go To Spurs- Mirror

That is probably not a good look, and who really wants to be with someone you need to beg to stay with you? But I get it. I would have done much more degrading things to keep Bale and Modric.

Fire And Revolution Still Persuing Jermaine Jones- Stars And Stripes FC

A big pick up for either team. I was never really all that high on Jones until he decided to be just everywhere during the World Cup.

FIFA Uphold Barca Transfer Ban- SB Nation Soccer

Good, now maybe the Spanish banking system can get some small amount of relief now that it is only propping up loans to one giant Spanish club.

Two Big Lies About Man United- SB Nation Soccer

It is false that LVG does not have a fox living on his head. And Wayne Rooney is human. I mean, we all know he is just the Andre the Giant of of the Leprechaun world. Just look that those ears.