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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 22, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with Lamela love.

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Julian Finney

Happy Friday, S-ursland! Oh book it Dan-O, just like the big boss man Sir Kev-bro of the clan McCauley said over the summer, Lamela is going to be a superstar.  I didn't get a chance to follow the radio feed of the game, but I was monitoring everyone's meltdowns on Twitter. As soon as the words "Lamela subbed on" were posted on Twitter everyone was like, "oh, ok we cool." You know why? Because everything was cool from then on out. Eriksen is awesome, Lamela is looking awesome, I can only assume they will be sold in January and then we can continue to make our daily porridge by mixing milled grains with our plentiful tears.

And now the "news"

Big Poch Says Lamela Will Justify Fee- BBC

Keep the faith, Poch is, also your comments might be featured on a Twitter account dedicated to your most sorrowful musings.

Spurs To Bid For CB Fazio- Telegraph

We are hearing rumblings about Daws going to Hull, and Vlad being sold as well so this makes sense. I mean selling Vlad after one season doesn't, but replacing him with Fozzy Bear's Argentinian cousin sure does.

The SB Nation Bundisliga Preview- SB Nation Soccer

10,000 words, kneel before the nerds, Spursland.

Will Transfer Ban Force Barca To Return To Their Roots?- SB Nation Soccer

Against Modern Football! (and banking practices).

Liverpool Agree To Balotelli Fee- Liverpool Offside

Oh the joy, the Hoddle writing only get's easier from here with Mario back in England.

A Fancy Ice Bucket Challenge- SB Nation Soccer

I'd just like to point out that by know I have seen roughly a millionbajillion of these videos and nobody seems to know what a god damn bucket is. ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE not ice trophy, not ice cooler, ice bowl, I had a colleague's wife use a dish so small it reminded me of ordering soup at Applebee's -- "cup or bowl".  She used the cup option. DOES NOBODY KNOW WHAT A BUCKET LOOKS LIKE?