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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links August 25, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links

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Jamie McDonald

Happy Monday Spursland! Oh what a game it was yesterday for the boys.  And oh how am I getting demolished in the Staff writers fantasy league.  Jokes on the other guys though, the second the game ended I picked up Dier and Chadli off of waivers.  I might have grabbed Kaboul too, I was less excited about him.

And now the "news"

Call Off The Search Erik Lamela Has Been Found-Telegraph

I asked the head Of SB Nation Soccer, and hardcore Chelsea guy Graham MaCaree who Chelsea will try to buy in a year before we sell them to Spain, give Roman the finger and try and bet ourselves over the top with the money.  He said both Eriksen and Lamela, which says good things about our favorite bird faced Argentine, but for some reason gives me a sense of foreboding.

Poch Pleased With Spurs-Sky Sports

I bet he is pleased, but what I loved about him during the game, he didn't sell the goals.  As we were celebrating, Poch was grabbing guys and pulling them aside to correct one little detail here or another thing there, just trying to get a little bit more of an ass kicking out of the boys.  All great coaches are obsessive, the best ones are crazy ass obsessives who's players are dedicated to them and buy into the system.  We might have that.

JJ (that's what his friends call him) Signs with MLS, Joins Revolution-SB Nation Soccer

Homie got paid and we will get to see him play more, win win win.

Explosions At Shahktar Stadium As Fighting in East Ukraine Intensifies-SB Nation Soccer

Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected.  Also lets not kill anyone today, agreed?  Scouts honor?  Ok cool.

Timber's Army Tifo Rules-SB Nation Soccer

Might as well say it, as much as it pains me too, the Northwest of MLS rules the TIFO game.

Di Maria Deal Looks Close, For Stupid Money-The Busby Babe

The number being tossed around is just dumb.  However I will be squatting in the add drop section of the CFC staff fantasy league to pick him up the second he is registered.