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Who should be the next captain of Tottenham Hotspur?

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Julian Finney

Michael Dawson has left Tottenham Hotspur, which means the club is in need of a new captain. Here, four writers make arguments for four different players to take the armband from Daws.

Ben Daniels - Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris has been captain of Les Bleus since 2012 and oversaw their last two international tournaments. Out of all the players on Tottenham Hotspur, he is the only player to have ever captained his country at senior level, and has the most leadership experience of anyone in the side. He's incredibly vocal on the pitch and gives his all every single match. Nobody can lead by example the way Hugo can.

And while there may be other potential leaders in the squad, Hugo Lloris is the only one 100% guaranteed to start every single game he is fit. After years of Ledley, Dawson, and Kaboul, having a captain who is an ever-present in the side will do wonders for the team.

Kevin McCauley - Younes Kaboul

Ledley King was captain all through his injury plagued years, even though he wasn't able to play very often. Michael Dawson has been captain for quite a while even though he hasn't been first choice. It's pretty clear that Spurs don't care about having a captain that starts every single match. What matters is whether or not a player's teammates see them as a leader.

Presumably, Younes Kaboul is that guy, or he wouldn't have been wearing the armband for the first two games of the season. Once Federico Fazio joins up and Kyle Walker is healthy, we won't be seeing a whole lot of Kaboul on the pitch, but there's nothing wrong with that. He's a model pro and pretty clearly one of the team leaders. He has the attitude you'd expect a captain to have. That matters more than how good he is at football, at least in this position. Starting in defense ... that's a different story.

Skipjack - Jan Vertonghen

If I have learned anything from being an American it is that Captains should be like Derek Jeter: silent, handsome, probably dating attractive women, and a bit overrated. But above all, they need to be classy. Jan Vertonghen fits all these attributes, making him ideal for Spurs' captain's armband. His stoicism on the pitch is often mistaken for a bad attitude but he understands the role of captain better than any of us: you can't look cool if you care too much. We all know how handsome our centerback is (and if you doubt that check out this photo which should put to rest any doubts about his ability to date attractive women as well). Jan is also frequently cited as world class, but we all secretly know he's probably not as good as we want him to be, just like Derek. And if you doubt how classy he is, please remember that Jan has somehow managed to make a half shaved neckbeard look sexy. Jan Vertonghen: a captain that even Jeets would be proud of. #YeahVerts

Brian Mechanick - Eric Dier

When the last piece of cartilage broke in Ledley King's knee, a part of me broke as well. I never thought I would see another King at Spurs, a cultured center half that can be a skilled defender and play with the heart that represents a true Spur.

He may come from Lisbon, but Eric Dier is the proper English lad that can lead Tottenham Hotspur back to the Glory Days-league titles, FA Cups, and European nights. At only 20 years old and just two games into his Premiership career, Dier's future is bright. But what if the future is now?

Michael Dawson's departure has left a hole for Tottenham at center back and captain. Eric Dier is the man to fill both. He may not be able to buy a beer in America, but he's old enough to score in his first two Premiership matches!

Some may push for experienced, European (non-English speaking, cough, cough) options like Jan Vertonghen, Younes Kaboul, and Hugo Lloris to captain Spurs. But M8, give me a true Englishmen to lead Spurs over that lot every day. And hell, when the Dier-captained Spurs win the treble, you might just be reading the renamed Cartilage Free Captain -- Portugese Catering Captain.