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Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag - The Mailbag Soldier

Give us your Qs so we can give you some As

Jamie McDonald

Hey! It's time for another episode of the internet's most dangerous Tottenham Podcast - Wheeler Dealer Radio!

We've ditched Lennon's Eyebrow and replaced him with some jerk off named Ben Daniels. We'll be joined by some other fine writers too as the pod talks all things Spurs! The gang will look back in pleasure at our four nil drubbing of QPR and discuss what we think this means for our season now that we finally got to see Poch's system for 90 whole minutes against a premier league opponent. Then we'll look back at the first round of our tie against AEL Limoncello, before turning our eyes to the second round. Finally we'll preview the match against Liverpool, probably while we drink lots of alcohol.

But its been a good week for Spurs so we want some questions from the peanut gallery to help bring the mood down to a more appropriate level. Want to know what we think about something? Now's your chance to find out! Shoot us your questions and we'll provide you with the very best answers tonight.