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Musacchio update: Coach 'expects' defender's departure

We're so close, guys. So close.

Valerio Pennicino

Mateo Musacchio's switch to White Hart Lane now looks imminent as his Villareal coach Marcelino has openly admitted that the defender is leaving the Yellow Submarine. The story is written up here in AS- roughly translated, Marcelino said that he now 'expects' the centre-back to leave, and hopes the the transfer goes through soon so that the process of quickly sourcing a replacement can start.

This admission represents the first time the manager has openly acknowledged the possibility of a switch, which contributes hugely to this looking like A Real Thing that Will Happen. As we've indicated on the site since rumours about this move began, Musacchio would be a fantastic capture for Spurs- the Argentine, as his coach said in this same interview, is an excellent player and will be a big loss to his current side, who will struggle to find someone who can slot in and play at the same level. So, sorry for Villareal, but yay for us!