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Chadli-Depay part exchange bid reportedly accepted; doesn't make sense

Steve Bardens

According to The Mirror, PSV Eindhoven have accepted a bid from Tottenham Hotspur of £10m plus Nacer Chadli for Memphis Depay. That's pretty neat, I guess, but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

This rumor first popped up earlier in the day, when Belgian outlet Lavenir mentioned it as a possibility. Lots of outlets ran with that, but Kristof Terreur brought everyone down to earth pretty quickly.

The Mirror seem to think this is a thing though, which leads me to a lot of questions, mostly centering around the Chadli end of this deal.

Why would Chadli agree to go to PSV?

So Chadli wants to make a step up in his career, has a disappointing but not disastrous year in the Premier League, reportedly has opportunities to go to Swansea and Southampton, and then just gives up on the big leagues? Just like that, after one year, he's going back to the Netherlands? That doesn't make a lick of sense.

Why would PSV want to pay Chadli's wages?

While Chadli would be a great addition for PSV and a perfect replacement for Depay, Spurs pay him quite a bit of money. Not by Spurs standards, but certainly by Eredivisie standards. The only reason they'd be willing to take them on is if they were super confident they could flip him quickly for a huge profit, and Chadli was agreeable to this. That's a bit farfetched.

If Chadli's a throwaway makeweight, why are PSV valuing him at what Spurs paid for him?

PSV were reportedly demanding about £16m for Depay. This means that, if the Mirror's report is accurate, that PSV value Chadli at around £6m, roughly what Spurs paid for him. If anything, Chadli depreciated in value over the last season.

Basically, this is super fishy and I don't believe it for a second.