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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 7, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with Guardians of the Galaxy!

Brian Kersey

Happy Thursday, Spursland! It's Guardians Of The Galaxy Day. The movie is the biggest thing on the planet (aside from the erections in the comic book nerds pants) and it has been out for two weeks. You have no excuses.

And now the "news"

£15 Million For Memphis "Reigns" Depay- Guardian

That sudden sound of a bag being zipped up is either Andros or Lennon packing their things. Like Nebula wishes she did before she jumped out of that giant hole in the side of the Dark Aster. I dare say in the future she will need a duffel bag or two of those electric sword things to deal with Gamora in-between the shots of her shimmying her tookus up the stairs in Quill's ship.

PSV Accept £10 Million Plus Chadli For Depay- Express

Not a bad bit of business, if true. Consider that Depay is worth 4 billion units and what the hell toss in that space dog too.

FIFA 15 Will Feature Every EPL Stadium- SB Nation Soccer

I'd like a bonus level where we play inside the decaying skull of an ancient cosmic being.

The First Goal Of The 2. Budesliga Season Was OK- SB Nation Soccer

Did he think it was some kind of tiny chihuahua sized velociraptor or something? Did he pick the ball up and sing into it like he owned that cave he was in moments after this?

SB Nation's Sounders Blog On The Yedlin Rumor- Sounder At Heart

Dude, Thanos.

PS: feel free to pick which of the writing staff is which character from the movie in the comments. Like I wouldn't hate you guys if you did that.