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Transfer deadline day 2014: Tottenham Hotspur potential arrivals, departures and pipe dreams

Jamie McDonald

Happy deadline day, friends. If you're a long time Cartilage Free Captain reader, you're familiar with the series that's going to follow. For the last three transfer windows in a row, we've written about all of the players who might leave Tottenham Hotspur, who might come in, and some total pipe dream signings. We're doing it a 4th time.

We haven't heard Mauricio Pochettino, Daniel Levy or Franco Baldini talk about exactly how much business Spurs are going to do at the deadline, but it's going to be a lot. Half the squad could reasonably be sold or loaned out, and with a lot of transfer fees coming in and wages getting cleared up, a signing or two could happen as well. Monday is likely to be a Levy Special. After getting most of it done before the deadline last year, he's left a lot of business late this time around.

Speculation is the name of the game on transfer deadline day. Everyone does it, from mainstream media to the pizza guy. We're going to partake, but we're going to do it responsibly. This StoryStream includes a collection of profiles on players who could exit the club today, players who could conceivably come in, and guys who will only come to Tottenham today in our wildest dreams. Each will be clearly labeled as such. Let the fun begin.