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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 10, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with a plane existence lecture.

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Jamie McDonald

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! No, it still isn't Saturday. You gotta love the struggle, and by struggle I mean the knowledge that this plane of existence mostly is a vast expanse of suck punctuated by little bits of good stuff like pizza and uninterrupted poop accompanied by solid reading material. Don't worry, guys, Spurs returning to play is getting closer.

And now the "news"

The Alternative EPL Table- Telegraph

Finally an English paper gets what it is like to be a Tottenham supporter so very, very right.

Spurs Claim U-18 Premier League Champions Cup- Premier League

Who cares that we sold so many younger players that just couldn't get over the top and play for us WE GOT LIKE 20 MORE JUST WAITING IN THE WINGS, BABY. We are la Masia for the Championship.

Toronto FC Are A Disaster Again- SB Nation Soccer

Of course they are, because they have to be exactly as terrible as the city of Montreal is awesome. And it is really awesome. I mean Toronto is so messed up I saw a headline the other day on a respected cable news channel -- not CNN, I don't watch dogshit, I think it was Al Jezzera America -- and basically it predicted that ROB CRACK HEAD FORD would win re-reelection. I mean, there is video of him smoking crack. THERE WAS VIDEO and he is still going to be mayor. Toronto, it's probably worse living there than in Saskatchewan.

QPR Could Be Relegated To The Conference And Fined £40 Million For FFP Violations- Guardian

Everything about how pro sports are managed by toothless buffoon. Could be relegated to the 5th division, but only if they don't play well in the first division? That makes no sense, there is no law, and I am running out for tacos.

Giaccherini Admits To Homesickness- Roker Report

Oh, there is weakness right there, during the game let's just whisper Italian things into his ear to mess with his head. Just Capoue walking up behind him an whispering "carpaccio" and "bunga bunga parties." Okay, maybe I don't know anything about Italy, but it's a legitimate idea.