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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 11, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with new owner thoughts.

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the pensive Levy
the pensive Levy
Clive Rose

Happy Thursday, Spursland! And OHHHHHHH JESUS Lewis is looking to sell. This is the worst/best news of my life and of our clubs history, it is a return to glory and blah blah blah, shut the fuck up this changes nothing. Except now we have a shot at becoming the plaything for some oil tycoon or ... Mark Zuckerberg, so he can show off how big his dong is when they are gathered with all the other plastic people in Ibiza or wherever the soulless offspring of evil acts in the name of capitalism are gathering this season to breed. But for us, this changes nothing. Spurs still play Sunderland this weekend and that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.

And now the "news"

Spurs Considering MK Dons For Season On The Road- Telegraph

Association with the evil that is MK Dons? LEVY AND HIS CRONIES OU ... oh yeah, that might already be happening with the sale and all so just sit back and wait and see what happens. Maybe all your dreams will come true.

Adebayor Scores For Togo- HITC

No chance he scores for us this weekend now, thanks FIFA.

Neymar Is Awful At Football- SB Nation Soccer

I mean that, I think he probably has just kept getting lucky for the last forever and ever. Like this miss is the worst thing I have seen today and I watched the trailer for the Postman today. Think about what that says.

Chelsea Set To Battle United To Sign Ronaldo For Stupid Stupid Wages- We Ain't Got No History

I mean stupid wages, stupid make starving orphans cry at their lot in life when they hear this number.

EPL Road Trip Part 3- SB Nation Soccer

Why aren't you reading this series yet? I know why. It's cause your parent's didn't raise you right.

September 11, 2001.  We will never forget.