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Captain Kabungled IMHO

what a mistake by the spurs

Julian Finney

Another sad chapter in the history of the Tottenham Hotspurs was written today when Mauricio Pochettino named Younes Kaboul captiain.

Excuse me are is this serious is this a joke? I don't want to be rude bt this is totally ridiculous. Just look at the Tottenham Spurs blogs and you can clearly see the outrage with this choose is nearly universality. Tottenham are a proud team with a long history in ENGLAND. We need a captain who has loved the club since he was a child, like Robbie Keane. Or a proper English Lad like David Ginola. Younes Kaboul isn't even from Essex. If I no Scamiel Levy and Evil No Investment Company they probably amde him captain cause he's from Hong Kong or something and ignored the real fans on the team.

So now no one who has any history or connect with the club is captain and they probably didn't even back Mauricio Pinnochio and buy him a player who he could have made captain.

Captain is a very important position on sprots teams. If you doubt me just look at Derek Jeter AKA the Captain. If you have a captain like Jeets you win all the time know questions asked.

Of course this does not excuse the excuser in Chief Mauricio Where's my backboneiccino who didnot stand up to $CAMIEL LEVY. if he had a real set of stones like an argentinan cowboy he wouldn't have made Hugo Lloris and Neon Genesis Emmanuel Adebayor the vice captains. I mean srsly. HUgo has the cheekbones of a bad guy in a bond movie so it is a HUGE mistake to trust him IMHO. And as for Emma Roberts Bayor, don't even get me started. Adebayor doesn't just wear red he used to play for Arsenal. If Bill Nick could see us now he would be shaking his head in shame.

No respect for traditon. Before u no it we'lll be playing home games at the Emirates before u can say FFS. SMH.