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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 17, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with the preacher.

look at that Levy Face!
look at that Levy Face!
Jan Kruger

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Hey, so today is pretty awesome, or at least I tried to make it that because I knew at the end, Salmy Chase was gonna git up on his soap box. Sorry. Also sorry for the writing in the third person, that was unanticipated, and Salmy is a little disturbed by just how right it feels.

And now the "news"

BREAKING: Bentaleb Accuses Bobby Soldier Of Being Team's Worst Dancer- Spurs Official

Hey, some people use their brains and the smooth wit of their tongue to attract those they'd like to make happiness with.  Those people, I find, are the more refined of character and give the most back to society. So shut the hell up, dude. You said your super power would be flying, you are the lamest!

Poll: Will Spurs Concede Less Goals This Season?- What Culture

And the Carty Free Meltdown starts with the answers to this question.

Modric And Bale Combine For Goal That Will Make You Cry- SB Nation Soccer

I've watched this goal 11 times. Coincidentally, I just punched myself in the genitals while muttering "what might have been" through the tears.

Koscielny Makes A New Metallic Friend- SB Nation Soccer

He was just attracted to someone with a similarly interesting personality. #rimshot

Sponsors Begin Issuing Statements On The NFL Messes- SB Nation

This needs to stop. It's not that it isn't important for domestic violence to be addressed and child abuse should not ignored. It's that these gigantic companies -- ones that make cosmetics, and beer, and yes, the giant bullshit non-profit that runs the throw ball in this country -- are seemingly being put under pressure to be the moral compass of a nation.  That is fucking perverted. When I look for leadership on what is moral in my society, I don't want the wrinkly cream people involved in the process, because they don't have a vested interest in things being moral. They have a vested interest in not being seen to be associated in muck. And if you are looking to the violent hits and touchdown dance people to guide you on what is right and what is wrong, I really suggest you examine how you are living your life.