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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 2, 2014

Today with 10x more weeping

Michael Regan

Happy Tuesday Spursland! First and foremost, today let us give thanks for Big Daddy Kevin McCauley and Ryan "Do You Know I'm From LA" Rosenblatt who killed it yesterday.  Content on content on content for you guys.  And since they covered every possible Spurs story from the last 48 hours today, the Hoddle will focus on the non-Spurs stuff as we all collectively mourn the loss of our beloved Holtby and Sandro (who the Roosevelts said should be sold off months ago because that guy is a genius) and we can all get through our grief together.

And now the "news"

Falcao To United Confirmed-The Busby Babe

This deal is stupid in ever sense of the word.  Falcao to a team not in the champion's league? Stupid.  The Amount for a player on loan? Stupid.  That striker isn't exactly a position of need for them with Rooney and RVP? STUPID!

Arsenal Sign Welbeck-The Short Fuse

£100k a week and a transfer fee that is surely way to high (rumored to be £16 million) and all for a payer that some on the SB Nation Soccer staff refer to as "garbage".

Negredo To Valencia On Year Loan With A Mandatory Buy Option For £25 Million-Bitter And Blue

Valencia have no money, like at all to sign players because Spanish football refuses to do anything that might help the clubs Braca and Madrid have to play against survive.  However they are about to be bought by someone with lots of money.  So this is technically a loan but he will be come a permanent Valencia player next summer for a non-negotiable fee of £25 million.  That's thinking outside the box.

The Sky Sports Dildo Experience-SB Nation Soccer

A part of me hopes this wasn't preplanned and he just had this with him, along with a interesting few hours just before or just after this happened.  In any event we now have a the best metaphor for modern journalism.

Southampton To Give Refunds For Taider Shirts-SB Nation Soccer

This is how a great organizations handles this kind of situation.  Still nothing has leaked about what unprofessional thing the kid did to get sent packing, but my money is on urine being involved.