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Eric Dier out of England U21s with injury


Julian Finney

Hey, remember how much we talked about how Spurs' back line gets beat up and gosh it'd be really nice if we didn't have to rely on our third and fourth string defenders all the time? Welp. Reports from the Football Association today that our fresh-faced leading scorer and future England full international center-half-slash-striker Eric Dier has withdrawn from the England U21 side set to play European Championship qualifiers against Moldova and Lithuania this weekend due to injury. He has returned to Tottenham.

Now, players withdraw from internationals all the time with "injuries" so there's a lot we don't know here. Perhaps Dier has "Englanditis." Perhaps he needs a break. Perhaps he just wasn't really all that jazzed about matches against Lithuania and Moldova.  Worst case is that he really is injured but based on the sparse nature of this report it's impossible to draw any further conclusions.

If you have fingernails, try not to bite them all off until we learn more.