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Kyle Walker has abdominal surgery


Michael Regan

More good news today on the injury front! And by "good" I mean "start crying in your beers now." Tottenham Hotspur's official twitter account just tweeted that Spurs' first choice RB Kyle Walker has had abdominal surgery.

This is just about literally all the information we have at the moment. Surgery is, well, it's not good, folks. Walker was originally expected to be out a month, but this is obviously a big setback and it looks like Walker will be out of the squad for the foreseeable future. I'm no doctor (though I'm married to a nurse), and this is wild unsourced speculation, but this sounds like it could be a sports hernia operation to me.

For Spurs, this probably means that Eric Dier will remain at right back, and we'll see some combination of Jan Vertonghen, Federico Fazio, and Younes Kaboul at center-half for our upcoming league games.  Who else is now wishing we'd made a play for Toby Alderweireld yesterday?