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WDR Mailbag - The Mailbag Strikes Back

Give us your Qs so we can give you our As

Jamie McDonald

Well that was decidedly less fun than last week. But we're not letting that stop us. No, the internet's most dangerous Tottenham Podcast is back to go over the gruesome details of our loss against Liverpool and see what this means for Spurs going forward.

Then we'll step back and look at not just deadline day, but the window as a whole. Overreactions will be in great supply I am sure. Not sure if anyone will have any blue plastic waved around their ear though. We'll let you know.

Finally, we'll be happy to take your questions regarding the last game, the upcoming year, the transfer window, or your romantic life. We will undoubtedly cover some of the obvious stuff (i.e. Who will be right back now? What do you think of Stromboli?), but let us know if there's anything else you would like to hear us address.

Now give us your questions and make yourself famous.