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Erik Lamela is a Kobe Bryant full kit wanker

What is happening?

There is a lot to unpack here:

1. That new haircut is questionable at best.

2. If you're taking a picture to show off your new haircut, why isn't it a headshot?


Now full kit wankers are bad, but they are normally limited to football. Here, Erik Lamela expands it to basketball because ... there isn't a good explanation, and I swear by the comfort of basketball shorts so I would be sympathetic if there was a decent reason.

It is interesting that he picked to go Lakers and Kobe from head to toe too. As a Lakers fan, I approve of it, but seriously, they were unwatchable last year. The team is an atrocity and Kobe basically hasn't played in two years. It's not even like he is paying respect to Nick Young and Iggy Azalea with a Swaggy P jersey.

It's just baffling. On so many levels.