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Gareth Bale kicks the ball at Luka Modric's face

You know what hurts more than seeing Gareth Bale and Luka Modric scoring amazing goals and winning trophies like we always hoped they would do for Tottenham Hotspur? Watching them turn on each other.


What happened to them?

They were so happy at Tottenham Hotspur. They played incredibly on the pitch, finding each other and pushing each other. Off the pitch they were so happy too, spotted hugging as they left the pitch and on the training ground. They were perfect.

But those were simpler times. Now they are European champions and too cool for school. Apparently, now it is cool to kick balls at each other, hit them in the face and possibly maim them for life. Respect is out, friendship is out and all that remains and ugly hatred and contempt.

Did it work? Are they feeling ashamed and wanting to return to their humbler roots? Did Spurs sign them again yet?