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Community Hoddle of Coffee: Tuesday, September 23

Salmon Chase has Ebola or something. Here's your Hoddle.

Julian Finney

Salmon Chase is sick. That's the gist of the cryptic e-mail the writers received early this morning. You are free to speculate on what exactly that constitutes in the comments: Asiatic bird flu, the Ebola virus, lupus (it's not lupus), etc. Either way, there was no Hoddle to post this morning, and for that we apolo... well, no, this stuff happens. Deal with it.

This is the part of the Hoddle where there would be some nice links to Spurs-related content, but, heck, nobody really reads this stuff anyway. So instead, let me emulate our dear normal Hoddle replacement writer Ed F. and instead post a YouTube video of some music I think you'd be remiss in not paying attention to.

You like Radiohead, right? Who doesn't? Although I'm of the impression that Kid A is far superior to OK Computer (come at me, bro!), most of their stuff is fantastic. That's why I'm putting in a cover today.  The Punch Brothers are an acoustic-slash-bluegrass-slash-jazz-slash-improv-jam-band group that is, in a word, astounding. Their frontman, mandolinist Chris Thile (formerly of Nickel Creek), recently won a MacArthur Grant, an award that he richly deserved. Besides doing bluegrass and their own music, Punch Brothers will occasionally spill over into cover music.

In this video, the Punch Brothers cover Radiohead's "Morning Bell." And it's better than the original. Please try to keep listening past the first 45 seconds of atonal noodling.