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WDR Podcast Mailbag - The Wrath of Mailbag

Give us your Qs so we can give you As

Julian Finney

Well that sucked. That super sucked. But hey at least we get to talk about it? Yaaaay.

We're back this week to dissect the ugly results of the game against West Brom before we gird our loins for a probably not so fun North London Derby. Also we'll talk about the game against Forest.

Interested in how these games will go? Want to know what's up with Spurs? Want to talk about legalese on the Spurs' website about Cain Hoy instead of matches? This is your chance. Unless it's the last one. Go bother another podcast about that. We'll address a lot of the obvious stuff but there's enough going on in Spursland that we could use your help to narrow it down. What do you want to hear about?

Leave your questions below and maybe we'll answer them. If you're lucky. Or, y'know, not. We'll see tonight. Let 'er rip.