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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 3, 2014


Jamie McDonald

Happy Wednesday Spursland! Our friend Salmon started a Hoddle last night, but apparently got as far as typing out a pained sentence about Kyle Walker's injury and then mysteriously stopped. While the rest of the masthead gang trawl the ditches surrounding CFC Towers, I guess I'm doing this thing again. Theme below, you know the drill.

And now the "news":

Kyle Walker is injured, sky confirmed to be falling- Sky Sports

Right when he was in a prime position to take over as club captain too *strafes into cover*

Tottenham were close to landing Welbeck, were put off by 'the numbers'- Daily Mail

Presumably WAGESWAGESWAGES. Or possibly goalsgoalsgoals and assistsassistsassists.

Van Gaal refers to Tottenham as an 'easy job'- ITV

Agreed, relegation battles do tend to be more of a fun challenge.

Norwegians mock Rooney's weight ahead of friendly- Guardian

Ohhhh ho ho, you're in trouble now buddy. Someone help Wayne up off the sofa and let's get into this. No, just... lift... grab his arms and... OK, you're going to have to come in here to talk this over pal.

Cleverley loaned to Villa with option to buy- SBNation

An option explained on the note United pinned to his shirt when they dropped him at Lambert's front door and sped off. NO GIVSIES BACKSIES!