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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 30, 2014

Paul Gilham

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! Can you feel how forced that statement was? Tuesdays suck. The only good thing about them is The Mindy Project and that isn't until 9:30. That is several hours away, based on when you are reading this. This is the pits.

And now the "news"

Look How Far EPL Teams Have Moved From Their Original Grounds- Guardian

Guess who is by far the leader in the club house. Dicks.

Poche Calls Lloris One Of The World's Best- Sky Sports

We know, moving on with our lives. God there is never ANY interesting news on Tuesdays. Nothing, not a single, oh wait what a second. Well that's absolutely interesting or disturbing.

Peter Crouch Is Dancing- SB Nation Soccer

Sir, you need to stop for the good of the children. In all honesty, I think you, and you alone, you gangley snagle-toothed slender man, might be the entire reason for the stereotype about white people and dancing. Please cease and desist so that me and my confident dance floor strutting can repair this damage.

Referee Takes Back Red Card After Opposing Player Says He Wasn't Fouled- SB Nation Soccer

The opposing manager was livid at the blatant violation of the rules as "no take backs" was clearly called at the start of the game. He told reporters after the game that he hopped the referee "got cooties."

Chivas United To Got Dark For At Least 2 Years- SB Nation Soccer

Chivas USA is essentially a rotting corpse that will be brought back Frankenstien-like with only a few of the original pieces. A new name and new ownership and a new stadium, like it never happened.