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Watch Erik Lamela's great goal for Argentina

The Spurs man was back on the pitch for Argentina, and he scored.

Think back to last spring. Erik Lamela was either injured or awful and couldn't get on the pitch for Tottenham Hotspur, let alone Argentina.

But here's the thing: he was still pretty damn talented. So give him some fitness, a bit of confidence and an extended run on the pitch and what do you get? An Argentina international. Again.

Lamela made his return to the Argentina team on Wednesday and all he did was score a goal on the full volley.

Angel Di Maria was the star of the show, picking up three assists and adding a goal  in Argentina's 4-2 win over Germany in Dusselorf, but Lamela got on the board too. He was back, and starting.

Argentina will always be led by Lionel Messi and Di Maria isn't far behind him, but as we saw at the World Cup, those guys need help. Maybe Lamela can be that guy, and if he is, he'll probably be lighting it up for Spurs too.