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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 4, 2014

Drink up.

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Jamie McDonald

Happy Thursday Spursland! And oh look out the sky is falling.  First Walker goes down with an injury and next thing you know (Glen) Coco Lamela nets a gorgeous volley for Argentina against Germany and it is countdown until we sell our best player to a team that probably doesn't even need them again. Spurs fandom , it is like [Ed. note: metaphor here redacted].

And now the "news"

LVG: I Could Have Had An Easier Job At Spurs-Telegraph

Shut up you boob, your existence on this plane of being, I am convinced, is simply so that Donald Trump can convince himself that his hair looks natural.

Lamela Praises Spurs Backing-Sky Sports

And I'm sure he will praise us on his way out the door because WE DON'T KEEP NICE THINGS AND IT KILLS ME INSIDE.

San Antonio Scorpions Stadium Design Set To Woo MLS-SB Nation Soccer

MLS, stop expanding, you have to stop if you are unwilling to move to a model with relegation and promotion.  The league is already two big the talent level in the top flight can't get diluted.

USMNT Downs Czech Republic 1-0-Stars And Stripes FC

Nice to see Nick Rimando getting a start, he has just been sooo good and it's a shame he was stick behind one of the best players of his generation in Howard.

I Don't Know What This Is But, Sports!-SB Nation

Fantasy football has achieved peak bro.