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Monday Boring International Break Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 8, 201

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with zzzzzz.

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Jamie McDonald

Happy Monday, Spursland! This weekend was boring, unless you live in America where the professional throw ball season finally kicked off. As of this writing, I am assuming that the people of Indianapolis have burned down the houses of every player on their defense and we mourn the loss of an anonymous punter.

And now the "news"

Lennon Determined To Rebuild Spurs Career- Telegraph

So is someone going to take a few moments of practice to work on crossing and shooting and generally all the things not described as "being fast"?

Musacchio Explains Spurs Snub- Sky Sports

Nobody cares, we all already forgot you were almost a thing.

Ronaldinho Signs With A Club You've Never Heard Of- SB Nation Soccer

Does he just love to play and that's why he still is out there ignoring his defensive responsibilities or did he blow all his money?

Gibraltar's Team Is The Best Thing About Euro Qualifying- SB Nation Soccer

Related: I am moving to the Rock.

Non-League Day, A Reminder That It's Not All About The EPL- SB Nation Soccer

Even as a thick-necked, semi-literate American who doesn't understand that the game is about glory and courage that lives inside every true Englishman, this hits home for me. The VERY FIRST game from England I saw on TV -- before I even had heard of Tottenham Hotspur -- was an FA Cup match held between two clubs whose names I've since forgotten. One was from League Two and the other -- the home team -- from the 7th division, and it was the coolest god damn thing I have ever seen. It hooked me on England and is a big reason why, when I went searching for the right team for me, I picked an English team.