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New Years Day Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links Januarary 1, 2015

It's the first day of 2015! What are you doing up this early, you fools? Go back to bed!

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Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Happy New Year Spursland! And wow what a way to ring in the new year by getting our asses... drawn in a competitive game where we are in no danger of actually losing against Chelsea.  Hopefully this won't be a metaphor for this year.  Mrs. Chase is named Chelsea after all.

And now the "news"

10 Stars Who Could Move For Free In 2015-Telegraph

I want Gerrard to move on a free and I want Kevin McCauley to be the one to write about how it's a good move for Liverpool, he gets the best hate mail from those guys. [Editor's note: not as good as the hate mail he gets from Hearts fans!]

Poche Keen To Beat Nemesis Mourinho-Guardian

"And my New Year's Resolution is to kick that Portuguese guy's ass but when he goes for the eye poke I got my hands up like George Foreman in that cross body defensive shell thing." -Mauricio Pochetino December 31st, 2014... allegedly.

Lampard To Stay At City For Remainder Of The Season-SB Nation Soccer

NYCFC is soooo screwed, but everyone saw this coming.  And let's be honest, this will happen in reverse effectively big footing all other MLS clubs whenever, say, Eden Dzeko can't get minutes because City bought Messi, Bale, and Ronaldo. Thus allowing Dzeko to be shuttered aside on loan to America where he will score 70 goals then use the MLS cup as a spittoon. This is f***ed.

UFC 182 Preview-Bloodyelbow

We are on the cusp of one of the best sports weekends around, guys.  Spurs vs Chelsea? You know about that. And the biggest fight The UFC could put on right now featuring two amazing athletes that fucking hating each other is tomorrow.  We have the start of the NCAA football playoffs, and Winter Classic will be played in a city not nearly cold enough for it, and for real obscure sport nerds the Southern Scuffle wrestling tournament started this morning in Chattanooga!  God bless us, everyone! [Editor's note: don't forget conference college basketball! Go Hoosiers!]

Up Dawson's Creek: For Charity-Progressive Boink

Mother of God Pacey