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Crystal Palace vs. Spurs: Harry Kane is the Man of the Match, I guess, whatever

I mean, yawn, ok, can we move on now?

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

It's terrible having to write a Man of the Match post after a ridiculous loss like the one Tottenham Hotspur just suffered. I didn't want to re-watch that match any more than I wanted to watch it the first time through. As painful as that match was, one player did pull themselves out of the muck of a 2-1 loss at Selhurst Park to earn the title of Man of the Match. And, surprise surprise, that person is Harry Kane.

Look, it's not really a surprise. Harry Kane is good. Like, GOOD good. Really freakin' good. And while this goal against Palace wasn't a jaw-dropper (and full credit to Nacer Chadli for dribbling past three defenders and making the key pass), Kane displayed again that he has positioning, confidence, and finishing ability that belies his years. Kane not only managed to stay onside to receive the pass from Chadli, but his awareness of where the ball was in relation to himself and his foresight to make a hesitation move to unbalance his defender more than anything else contributed to the goal. Had he one-touched the ball he might have still scored, but it was that hesitation, clearly planned, that gave him the space to slot the ball home.

This wasn't a match that fully showcased Kane's ability. He didn't get many opportunities because Spurs' midfield was a tire-fire for most of the match. He had three shots and not a whole lot of time on the ball. And yet he scored a goal and should've contributed to a second, if Anthony Taylor had correctly called a penalty for Kane after Joe Ledley hacked him down in the box.

But Kane continued to show why he's Spurs' nailed-on first choice striker, taking the one solid chance he had with aplomb and confidence. He's continuing to show that he's the kind of player that can make something out of nothing. While there was a whole lot of nothing in the Palace match, Harry Kane was without question the best player in a white shirt on Saturday.