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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 15, 2015

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with hot TV takes.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, Spursland! It has been said many places, and by many people, but I am here to say it again: The FA is complete shit. For all the "magic of the cup" talk, they seem utterly disinterested in allowing you to share in it or somehow monetize it. Is there some law governing programing it in England? Don't know, don't care, either way it is inexcusable. I get that you can't put every game on TV. There aren't enough channels for all the games, and some of the games do not have enough drawing power to justify all the overhead of a professional TV broadcast that can sell ads and make the network money. I get that. However, lest we forget it is 2015 and we live in the world of the god damn Jetsons.

Some of you out there might be nodding your heads thinking, "yes, Salmon, you have a point." And some of you might be thinking, "well come on, how can they get video of EVERY game, that seems unreasonable." WELL IT ISN'T. Others have done this; other LITTLE sports have done this.For example, let's take American amateur wrestling, which is not even the kind of wrestling in the Olympics. I'm talking high school and college wrestling., for the low price of 15 bucks a month, will broadcast the following events live and on demand just this week:

- Edinboro University vs Kent State
- Two separate HIGH SCHOOL dual meet tournaments. Two giant, 8 mats going at once, individual high school tournaments.
- Tulsa Nationals, which is AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AGE TOURNAMENT with like 20 matches being wrestled at the same time. And they will all, every mat, every match, that's well over 1,000 separate wrestling matches be broadcast over the Internet.

AND IT"S WRESTLING! A sport that only matters to like me and 6 guys in Minnesota and they have all of that. You mean to tell me the FA can't stick a camera or two and a guy with a microphone and a laptop in a handful of stadiums and charge me 3 pounds a game to watch online? It's insulting to me as a consumer of their product. A product which is at worst, what, the third biggest athletic draw in the world (not including events that happen every four years) and yet they can't even get a web stream going. You have a large consumer base that wants your product get, off your ass and sell it to them, you boobs.


End of capslock filled rant, lets get to the "news"

How Did We Not Know This Existed?- Mo Farrah Foundation

Of course, the one guy who is out of step ... is the short guy.

Poche Praises Spurs Character- Sky Sports

Everyone scoffed at the idea of Rose at the wing. Everyone except me, who made a tepid "maybe this is his Bale moving into the attack moment" comment that I will cling to as my one smart soccer thing said for the year.

Welcome To City, Wilfred Bony- Bitter And Blue

When the writers room saw this went through today someone posed the question "Why? City have no need for him." That is true in a strictly footballing sense, but in the sense that their owners, who wipe their ass with a wad of hundred dollar bills, need to buy a shinny new thing so their bedroom equipment works then yes, they probably need Bony.

East German Football's Invisible Wall- SB Nation Soccer

Read this, for both history and soccer nerds.

Moyes Red Carded, Goes To Stands, Pilfers Crisps- SB Nation Soccer

Come on feel the Moyes, indeed