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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 16, 2015

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Happy Friday Spursland! I have something that is hard to say and probably won't be very popular. I'm on Archway Sheet Metal's side.

There, it's out there.

For those who have been living under a rock, Archway Sheet Metal is a family owned manufacturing plant located across the street from White Hart Lane and sits on land that would be used for the Northumberland Development Project (NDP). It has been at that location for 50 years. Spurs have done the British equivalent of an eminent domain claim, which is a Compulsory Purchase Order. This is currently being challenged in high court (whatever that is) by the family who owns Archway. The company and it's owners have received numerous threats of violence from fans over the issue of them refusing to sell to the club. Now if they lose this appeal they will be forced to go through with the sale. And that is CRAP!

CPO has it's place in society. It is there for a reason, but it should be only used for public things: the building of a dam, or a bridge or something that is publicly done and for the public good. It should not be used as a tool for large companies to push around smaller companies. It does not matter that there is a very good argument that the NDP will improve the neighborhood and stimulate the local economy. I don't care about that, the family that owns Archway have spent half a century building up a business that by all accounts produces the machines that cook just about every Kabob in Britain. They don't want to sell or to move, they should not be legally compelled to do so to benefit a large corporation owned by a faceless billionaire who lives on a mega yacht in the Caribbean. The Josif family doesn't want to sell, that's there right and it's tough luck for everyone that effects. I still love Spurs, I still want them to build a new larger stadium so we can compete financially, I just don't think we have the right to squash the little guy to do it.

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And now the "news"

Spurs Fan Given 3 year Ban For Flare-BBC

How, how do they play on enforcing him not being allowed in any town or city Spurs are playing in 6 hours before or after the game? If I were him I'd go to every game and just walk around outside the stadium whistling suspiciously loudly, daring anyone to arrest you.

Townsend Hopes Defoe Was Not Spying-Telegraph

Hows he gonna spy on anything when his eyes are always closed?

MLS Super Draft Grades By Team-SB Nation Soccer

Shocking, the teams with the highest picks did OK.

City's Risky Transfer Strategy-SB Nation Soccer

Caley the numbers wonder dog is BACK, this time he breaks down by the numbers why it is stupid to over pay for players you don't have room on your team sheet for.

Juan Dixon Is The Ringer For Maryland's Managers Team-SB Nation

I love my home state, and I hate that people (mostly from DC) continuously accuse us of being classless, Ozarks of the Mid-Atlantic. YOU AREN'T HELPING JUAN.