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Wheeler Dealer Radio Podcast - All Vlad All the Time

Have you accepted Vlad into your heart?

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Spurs had a weird week, so we've got a weird podcast to go with it. I'm joined by Ryan Rosenblatt, Willie, Dustin, and podcast debutante and new mod Vince. We're ready to talk about the crap we saw against Palace before we reach the whole YOLO Burnley display. None of us can see the match so we just assumed wizards did it. Then we talk about Vlad and his burgeoning television career. Actually, we talk about Vlad a lot. Like a whole lot. And why wouldn't we? Look at him. He's perfect. Our perfect Romanian. Swoon.

WE'RE BACK ON ITUNES! CHECK US OUT! LEAVE A REVIEW! Or we'll rehire Tim Sherwood or something. Also you can listen to us on the app of your choice by using our XML feed. And if you can't figure out how to listen at this point, who are you? Harry Redknapp or Tim Sherwood or something? Go listen and enjoy. Or not. Whatever.