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Retired Premier League referee calls Vertonghen offside "indefensible"

Jan Vertonghen had a goal wrongly disallowed and former referee Dermot Gallagher weighed in on it.

Dermot Gallagher, retired Premier League referee.
Dermot Gallagher, retired Premier League referee.
Christopher Lee/Getty Images

As we're all aware, Tottenham Hotspur beat Sunderland 2-1 on Saturday hanks to another last gasp winner from Big Shot Christian Eriksen. It should've been 3-1 though, since Jan Vertonghen had a goal wrongly disallowed for offside in the 94th minute. Anyone with a basic grasp of the offside rule knows you can't be offside in your own half. Except for certain Premier League officials. Thankfully we have Dermot Gallagher, a former Football League and Premier League referee, setting the record straight.

Gallagher was speaking to Sky Sports about some controversial incidents from the weekend. Leading off with the Vertonghen offside, Gallagher said:

One thing I learned when I was a referee is don’t defend the indefensible. It was a big error, there’s no doubt about that. I wonder if the linesman has seen the goalkeeper up and his thoughts are there is only one defender back.

Dermot Gallagher, you sir are a straight shooter, a man who delivers his take in no uncertain terms. Now officials are people too, so it's understandable the linesman might think that and I can see Gallagher's reasoning. Though, you have to wonder if a professional official for one of the most popular leagues in the world might try and be a bit more aware that the attacking player is in his OWN DANG HALF?

It’s a shame as when it got to 90 minutes at the weekend, I turned to Howard Webb and said ‘what a great weekend it’s been so far’ and then it went into stoppage time and that happened. Howard cuffed me around the head and said ‘thanks very much, Derm’."

Howard Webb cuffed him around the head? That's good, nice to see some old colleagues engaging in friendly banter. It'd be more preferable if Webb cuffed that linesman around the head though, to make sure he understands the offside rule. Spurs got the three points in the end though, so I guess we can't be super mad. All we can really ask is that we get Dermot Gallagher to teach the offside rule to those who need to know, to stop these indefensible calls.