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Harry Kane is the MOTM and the GOAT, IMHO

Harry Kane scored two goals, had an assist, and won a penalty against Chelsea. AND YOU CAN'T. TEACH. THAT.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Once upon a time, Gareth Bale catapulted himself to super stardom on the back of a pretty good performance against an over the hill Italian team that was coached by a manager who was at war with half the squad.

On Thursday, Harry Kane completely destroyed one of the best teams in Europe who was being coached by one of the best managers in world football. So it begs the question, will Harry Kane merely ascend to the ranks of Bale, Ronaldo, and Messi or will he completely eclipse them, erasing them from our memories and leaving only his gaping jaw in their place?

It is difficult to say what the best part of his performance was. His goals were spectacular, his assist was well taken, the penalty he won was born of a ridiculous run that the Chelsea defense barely registered. And his hair was, as always, immaculate. To call his performance a revelation would not be fair to the Bible, honestly.

It took Gareth Bale 24 games before he recorded his first win at Spurs. It took Harry Kane less than 24 minutes to destroy the best team in England. These are facts.

After watching today's game, one can only surmise that Real Madrid wants a refund on their Bale purchase now that they know that we were holding out on them. The Bobby Moore statue at Wembley is being melted down to pay for tickets at White Hart Lane. And Norwich, Millwall, and Leicester City have all folded due to shame.

One wonders where Harry Kane could take Spurs now that he is playing like this: the Champions League? The Champions League final? The Super Bowl? The World Cup?

The sky's the limit for Harry Kane. At least it would be, if it wasn't so low.