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Tom Carroll available to Swansea for £5 million

Will the midfielder's loan become permanent?

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Are you a youngish player on Tottenham Hotspur? Are you just not getting the minutes you need for your career? Do you want regular, first team football? Well then I hope you like Wales, because it seems like Swansea City is the destination for you!

After selling Gylfi Siggurdson and, it would seem, Kyle Naughton to the Swans, Spurs might not be done yet. Midfield prospect, and academy graduate, Tom Carroll might be joining them if Swansea pay £5 million to make his loan permanent.

Carroll has been the most hyped prospect out of Spurs academy for a while now. Spurs fans saw a diminutive passing midfielder in the mold of a Luka Modric and got, well, excited might be one word for it.

However, he has failed to make a stamp on Spurs' first team. Spurs' managerial merry go round over the last few years certainly didn't help him. AVB wouldn't play the youth, even in meaningless Europa league matches, and by the time he did have a manager playing academy prospects, he was gone on loan to QPR. While Nabil Bentaleb was a revelation last year as a 19 year old, it is likely that he was getting minutes that Carroll would have received if he were not on loan.

It is harder to read the tea leaves regarding his loan this year. On the one hand, securing a loan to a Premier League side that suits his style of play could show how much confidence Spurs have in him. Or it could say that after the pre season, Pochettino didn't think he could hack it like Harry Kane or Ryan Mason. But we'll probably find out soon.

If Pochettino wants him around, £5 million is not a ton of money to turn down. Or, he could get sold for the same amount of money as a 26 year old fourth choice right back. That would definitely tell us exactly what Spurs think about him.