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Mauricio Pochettino does not expect further player departures at Tottenham

Poche says that he doesn't expect any players to leave White Hart Lane in January, but let's not take that at face value quite yet.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

It's the January transfer window, which means that nearly all clubs are linked to all sorts of rumors regarding player arrivals and departures. Tottenham Hotspur is not immune to this, but first team coach Mauricio Pochettino has said that he does not expect any more departures from the squad before the window slams shut at the end of the month.

In quotes given to the media ahead of today's Capital One Cup semifinal first leg match against Sheffield United, Pochettino suggested that fans should not expect any player sales beyond that of Kyle Naughton's £5m move to Swansea City.

I expect all players to be here because we have ahead a lot of games. We are still in four competitions and I think that we need a strong squad to take on all games that we have in the future.

Any player is (not) for sale. Any player. We want to keep all players because we need all players, a strong squad.

No more comment about that because I repeat always the same: I am happy with the squad.

Pochettino's comments are, as you would suspect, probably media deflection. His point is certainly that, with Spurs still alive in all four competitions – Capital One Cup, FA Cup, Europa League, and Premier League – he needs a large and deep squad to keep players fresh. That indicates that Spurs fans shouldn't expect a fire sale, but it obviously doesn't preclude that a player like Roberto Soldado, Emmanuel Adebayor, or Aaron Lennon could be offloaded, nor does it mean that new players won't be coming in. That is, after all, why Spurs appointed Paul Mitchell.

However, with just under two weeks to go in a transfer window that Spurs have historically either ignored or refused to make major waves, Poche's comments could indicate that he's not willing to make major changes to a squad that seems to be just now grasping his tactics and style of play. And that makes sense.

Looks like we're not getting Messi, y'all.