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Tottenham Hotspur v. Sheffield United: Nigel Clough's tactical thoughts

Tottenham Hotspur take on Sheffield United tonight at the Lane. Sheffield United will do things, or they won't. Be prepared.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

Throughout the last week Spurs supporters across the globe have vigorously scoured the internet to see who could become the biggest faux expert on Sheffield United. Stop your searches noble football hipsters, the quest for Blades' information has been rendered useless in light of Nigel Clough's, Sheffield United's manager, recent interview on Sheffield United's official website that explains his tactical plans in "totality".

Clough remarked:

"There are areas where we'd like to think we can give them plenty to think about. Take them out of their comfort zone and pose different problems.

"For example, we usually play with a lot of width which you don't often see in the Premier League these days. We normally go out there with two out and out wingers although we might do something different here, you never know."

There we have it, ladies and gentlemen. The newest iteration of the Clough genius dynasty plans to play exactly like one would expect a League One side sitting in seventh place to play against a more talented team from the Premiership, or as a wildcard, could just as well try to recreate Ajax's mid-70's dynasty set up because who would see that coming?

Clough added:

"Without doubt, they have the quality to hurt us. They have the quality to hurt anyone in the country and probably in Europe too on their day. We don't fear the challenge, though. We'll embrace it and look forward to it."

Interpretation: We have Harry Kane.

On a serious note, expect Spurs to dominate possession to the tune of 63-68 percent, and for their Yorkshire opponents to be well and truly bunkered in, looking for long outlets and chances to counter. Sides who play this way have given Tottenham problems for what seems like forever and Clough's squad have rightfully earned a reputation as something of a giant killer in recent domestic cups. Hopefully, this tie can be put to bed before the return leg, but, as Clough forewarns, expect anything.