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Jan Vertonghen's two-goal match against Sunderland revised down to ZERO

Jan Vertonghen has had a bad day.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

If you're a defender, heck, if you're a football player at any position, what's worse than having a legitimate goal disallowed?

How about having TWO legitimate goals disallowed?

That's the position Jan Vertonghen finds himself in today after the Premier League Goal Accreditation Panel ruled that Super Jan's first goal against Sunderland this past weekend was, in fact, an own goal by Black Cats captain John O'Shea.

Now, admittedly, that ball did take a wicked deflection off of O'Shea. But it was just that -- a deflection. We've seen equally deflected balls be counted as goals in the past, so this seems particularly harsh

And that was the first of two goals that Vertonghen scored in that match. You all remember what happened in the second one, right? The one that was called back for offside even though Jan was IN HIS OWN HALF? Let's review:

jan offside 2

So yup. Jan's fantastic brace for Spurs this weekend has resulted in him being credited for ZERO goals.


Not a brass farthing.

So how did Jan react? By taking to Twitter.

Great job, Premier League. Stellar.