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Tottenham Transfer Rumor Roundup: let's summarize the madness!

There's a lot of stuff swirling in the transfer rumor ether. Let's examine all the big ones.

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The transfer window closes on February 2, 2015, and like always, Tottenham Hotspur has been linked to its fair share of rumors, both players coming into the club as well as players departing for greener pastures. With Kyle Naughton already having departed to Swansea City, we'd like to know: who will join him in leaving the club? Will anyone besides De Andre Yedlin come in?

With less than two weeks to go until the window closes, now's a good time to take a quick look at the rumors swirling around in the wild. Some of these are credible, some are emphatically #batcountry. But it's nice to have them all in single place, for once.


Fabian Delph (Aston Villa): We (Liverpool’s scouts) have been linked to Fabian Delph who’s out of contract with Aston Villa at the end of the season. He's made 12 appearances for Villa this season, playing as a central midfielder. Delph has been at Villa since 2009 and made 95 appearances for the Villains, so he can be considered an experienced Premier League midfielder. We do need a central midfielder, so Delph would make sense as an experienced, capable signing. Also, Liverpool are apparently in for him, and if they’re in for someone, we have to be too. His contract is expiring, which is prime Levy ground to negotiate a cheap deal. Delph doesn’t appear to excel at any one special thing, but is rather capable at many things. So, I guess this deal might happen, depending on what Paul Mitchell’s magic black box says. Honestly though, I’d expect Liverpool to overpay for him and we sign no one. Business as usual under ENIC, FFS.

Godfred Donsah (Caligari): According to the London Evening Standard, Spurs have been linked with 18 year old Ghanaian "starlet" Godfred Donsah. Typical, oh too typical, Levy in my honest opinion. Adrien Rabiot is out there for the taking, not only with his thumb up on the side of the road, but showing a little leg, too, and this is who we are targeting? So what if the Cagliari midfielder does not turn 19 until June and is already playing on the senior squad in a major league? I hate it; and, to be honest, this transfer rumor is probably the silver bullet that finishes off the rotting carcass of this football club. #RIPTHFC [Editor's note:


Danny Ings (Burnley): Danny Ings is cool, I guess. He doesn't suck. He's only 22 so he's probably going to get a little better than he is right now, which is a 20-plus goal Championship, 12-15 goal Premier League striker. That's pretty cool, nice player. But holy shit, could there be a more boring purchase? More safe? More uninspired? Nothing says "we're the 6th best team in this league, no better, no worse, forever" like signing Danny Ings.

Yevhen Konoplyanka (£7m, Dnipro): #kono2015 has been picking up steam in this window as it appears he could be sold for as little as £7m. As we've written before, he's speedy, tricky, and also desperate to leave Ukraine. But he also could be signed on a pre-contract now, and some club could get him for nothing when his contract expires this summer. We figure other clubs have probably also figured this out. Why spend the money now unless you're desperate? Or Liverpool?

James McCarthy (£20m or player plus cash, Everton): You know what's really weird about this James McCarthy rumor? That it's coming at the same time that Ryan Mason signed a huge contract, and it's not coupled with Mousa Dembele or Paulinho rumors. Cool, Spurs could use a better passing central midfielder who's also adept at pressing and a fit in Mauricio Pochettino's system. McCarthy's that guy. Who's leaving? There are lots of bodies in this position at the moment, and some of them need to be shipped out before we can buy new ones. It's the same issue we have at striker, except we vaguely hear about people buying our strikers way more often.

And then there's the issue of Everton selling McCarthy. It's understandable that he'd want to leave for Tottenham, but it's tough to see Everton letting go. They might literally end up in a relegation battle if they sell him. Yes, that sounds hyperbolic, but Everton really are that bad right now. And while they've been that bad, McCarthy has retained his value. They'll be able to fetch at least what they paid for him this summer. They don't need to cash in now.

Kevin Mirallas (player + cash, Everton): He has a hamstring injury. Why would we want that guy?

Hector Moreno (Espanyol): We’ve been linked to Espanyol and Mexico centre back Hector Moreno at various points since Mauricio Pochettino took over. Moreno played for Pochettino at Espanyol, so this link is obvious and makes sense. Moreno is a talented and experienced defender and if we intend to f**k off the leader of the Kaboul Kabal, and potentially Vlad the Lad, then we need a new centre back. Moreno has only made two appearances for Espanyol this season, due to a teensy, tiny tibia fracture he picked up during the World Cup. By all accounts this injury appears to be behind him and his agent has also hinted that he wants to leave Espanyol, so the odds of getting him, and at a decent price, look good. Of course it’s Tottenham, so we’re not alone in this pursuit, with Arsenal reportedly preparing a £6m offer for his services and Manchester United snooping around too We could end up in a bidding war with one of the two if we go for Moreno, but I doubt it would end up leading to an astronomical price, given injury history. Once again, this is a signing that would improve the team, and could be at a decent price, so we probably won’t do it. After all, lads, it’s Tottenham.

Adrien Rabiot (loan, PSG): Out of all the "nearly done" transfer rumors that Spurs have been linked to in recent years, Rabiot's has been perhaps the most distressing. With Nabil Bentaleb in central Africa for the African Cup of Nations, Etienne Capoue quite possibly dead, and Ryan Mason only recently returned from injury, Spurs desperately need that deep lying playmaker to make the midfield tick. Despite his young age, Rabiot would slot in naturally into that Bentaleb-shaped hole in midfield.

The problem, depending on who you believe, is that either Spurs have cooled on Rabiot, or PSG doesn't want to let him go. Which is kind of dumb, considering a) he's fantastic, b) PSG's not going to play him, and c) the deal was reportedly a short term loan with no option to buy. I'd really like this to happen, but you'd think if it really was, it probably would've already happened by now. Unfortunately, this looks less like a thing with every day that passes.

Jay Rodriguez/Morgan Schneiderlin (Southampton): Both of these guys would improve Tottenham Hotspur immediately, and both of them were at one point in time almost assumed to be following Pochettino to Spurs. And as of right now, it's almost certain that neither of them will be coming. The reason? With Rodriguez, it's because he's still not fully back from his injury, but more than that, for both of these players Southampton has absolutely zero incentive to sell. Soton made their stupid f**k-you money this summer thanks to Liverpool. Now they have a chance to have their team coalesce around a core of Schneiderlin and Rodriguez plus their smart summer purchases. Oh, and they can also get Champions League. Spurs haven't got a prayer.

Islam Slimani (Sporting): The Express reports, and I'm using that word liberally here, that Tottenham will sell off players to fund a raid for, among others, Sporting Lisbon striker Islam Slimani. I'd finish writing this rumor, but I am literally starting to fall asleep from being bored by it.


Emmanuel Adebayor: I think most people are firmly on the "shoot Adebayor into the sun" bus by now, but the problem of his wages still looms over every conceivable scenario. Considering his penchant for wanting to stay in competitive leagues and also his ridiculously high wages – >> £100k/week by all indications – the prospects of him leaving this January are about as slim as Peter Crouch. Desperately seeking a Qatari football club with more money than God.

Younes Kaboul: When the season began, Younes Kaboul was named as the captain of the squad. After a few starts, he was quickly frozen out of the team along with a close cabal (or is it KABAL?) of his supporters. What could have happened to freeze out a man so shortly after he was trusted with leadership of the squad? Was it his lack of form? His aging legs? Or was it a conspiracy? Was ENIC party to a grand, overarching plan by the world's economic powers and religious organizations to oust our new captain from the squad? Only a select few know but it seems awfully suspicious. It is difficult to know whether or not Spurs will be able to sell Kaboul without revealing deep, dark hidden truths that will shake some of the world's oldest religions to their very core, but if Daniel Levy can get more than 4 million for him expect Younes to be moved before the end of the transfer window.

Aaron Lennon: Azza has been described as "the cockroach of Tottenham Hotspur" by several members of the Carty-Free Cappy writing staff... but in a good way. He's been with Tottenham for nearly ten full years, has been a mainstay of the starting lineup for most of them, been linked with countless moves away from White Hart Lane... and he's still only 27. This window, however, it appears as though his time might finally be up. He hasn't had serious minutes with the first team in a long time, and appears to be on the outs with Pochettino. He's been rumored to be a part of the mythical "Kaboul Cabal" that has been fomenting dissent within the Spurs locker room. Lennon's still a good player, and he's got a few years of good football left in him. If someone makes a good offer for Lennon, it wouldn't shock me at all to see him go.

Roberto Soldado: Soldado's been linked with a move to Bayer Leverkusen in recent weeks. On the surface, everything about this makes sense. I can believe that Spurs wouldn't sell Soldado without having a good replacement lined up because Poche values his work rate and attitude. I can believe that Bayer Leverkusen would like to sign Soldado. I can believe he'd be willing to go there.

Besides the obvious replacement part of this move, what this comes down to is money. Will Bayer pay a real fee for Soldado AND match his wages? Probably not. Will Tottenham let him go for almost no fee just to get his contract off their books? Ehhh, maybe, but probably not. Ultimately, that's going to make a deal difficult.