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Tottenham v. Leicester: notes from a fan in attendance

Saturday's FA Cup match against Leicester City wasn't televised, so it's hard to know how well Spurs did. So let's ask someone who was there!

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Did you watch the Tottenham vs. Leicester City FA Cup match on Saturday? I didn't, and I wrote the match report. Chances are you didn't either. It wasn't televised, and there were no streams of it anywhere because the Football Association is dumb. In fact, unless you were one of the 35,000 fans inside White Hart Lane on Saturday, you have no real idea what happened in that match.

Fortunately, we have a large community of Cartilage Free Captain readers that include a good number from England. People who attend matches regularly. People who can give us an idea of what really went down. Carty-Free commenter Milo Pearson was at White Hart Lane and was able to send us a report of his view on the match from the terraces.



It wasn't actually that bad, as defeats go. Of course the result does leaves a sour taste and distorts the view of the match, but for most of it we played well. No one was terrible (though Vorm pushed it close), but Leicester played well and we conceded two stupid late goals.

We started in our regular 4-2-3-1 with Coco on the left, Andros on the right and Paulinho behind Soldado. The game started fairly evenly, but it soon became clear that Leicester were happy for us to have the ball, defend deep and hit us on the counter. With that said, however, the two best chances of the opening period came their way. First, Schlupp put in a good cross across the 6 yard box which Kramaric shot back across Vorm who brilliantly contorted his body and saved. Five minutes later, Schlupp dribbled into space on the edge of the area and fired towards goal, with Vorm again saving excellently. Sandwiched between these chances at the other end was a volley from Paulinho which went narrowly over the bar.

Our goal came from good play from Lamela, who after seemingly miscontrolling it managed to muscle the defender off the ball and play in Soldado inside the area who cut inside and was brought down. Our new best penalty taker stepped up and did the honours.

The rest of the half was ours, with exciting play from Soldado, Lamela and Rose especially. But then came the heart in mouth moment, when Kramaric went down over Vorm and was booked for diving. From where I was sitting it looked like a penalty and a probable red card, but this comes with the caveat that I had possibly the worst view of it in the stadium as Vorm's body completely hid any possible contact from me. I have yet to see a replay.

We came out firing in the second half, with Soldado hitting the side netting with a good shot within a minute. We spent the first twenty minutes on the front foot, with long periods of good pressure resulting in shots which Schwarzer dealt with. Leicester did begin to come back into the game though and created chances of their own, the best being a completely unmarked header from a corner inside the 6 yard box which was headed weakly into the ground and wide.

Our best chance of the second half fell to Paulinho. It started with Lamela who skinned his defender brilliantly and cut the ball back to him, and from 7 yards out with Schwarzer diving completely out of the way Paulinho should've scored. Lamela then also had a powerful curler excellently saved by Schwarzer.

Then came their goal. It reminded me a lot of a goal Skipjack's favourite Dutch playmaker scored a few years ago against QPR (I think). As I remember in that game, Ledley King miscued a shot hilariously wide but it luckily fell at the feet of Van der Vaart who kicked it in the goal. Today, it was Schlupp who smashed his shot towards the corner flag when it came to him outside the box from a corner, but Ulloa reacted quickly, killed the ball with a great first touch and fired into the net.

Then came their next goal. This goal was lol. Super lol. Heurelho Gomes level lol. In the dying moments of the game, a Leicester player put in a decent cross which Schlupp volleyed extremely unmenacingly towards the centre of the goal. I don't really know what happened, but it counts as a goal I guess. Whelp. I guess we have less matches now.

General non-numerical player ratings:

Vorm: Mixed bag. Made a Lloris save at the start from Kramaric, and then another decent save from Schlupp. But we probably win this match if Lloris plays.

Vlad: Lots of lol ffs moments mixed in with lots of very important covering tackles. So not bad I guess.

Kaboul and Fazio: Played pretty well, and neither goal was their fault.

Rose: Very good performance from Rose (although the winning goal did come from his flank). Lots of teasing crosses and all round good attacking play.

Cambélé: Very strong as to be expected, but both slow on the ball. Dembélé did make several good runs that resulted in chances though.

Townsend: An okay showing from Andros. Tried constantly, but ultimately not much came off. Made better decisions than usual.

Paulinho: Impressed by Paulinho today. He should really have scored a couple, but his passing and link up was good and on another day his shots go in.

Lamela: Probably MOTM. Looked very dangerous on the ball and created several good chances. Link up with Soldado especially in the first half was very good.

Soldado: A good showing from him. Looked menacing in the first half with good movement and passing. Had some good shots as well, but none were from positions where he should be expected to score. I also counted three nutmegs.


  • The second goal was obviously a bad mistake from Vorm, but in my opinion he was also unfortunately responsible for the first goal (albeit less directly). The goal came from a stupidly conceded corner, when Fazio was shielding the ball back to Vorm as there were no attackers closing him down. However, after hesitating a couple of times Vorm for some reason decided against it and Fazio had to clear the ball when he was eventually put under pressure. That said, Fazio was at an angle where the clearance really should've gone for a throw and not a corner, and we then didn't defend the corner well enough.


  • The atmosphere was good today. It was positive throughout, and both Leicester goals were greeted with lots of encouragement and chants of ‘come on you Spurs' which was nice (and unusual). The only ugly moment was when the angry poopmouths of White Hart Lane booed Adebayor's introduction to the game.

  • Have a moment of pity for my brother who I took with me to N17. He's 13 and this is his 7th time at WHL. This is the 6th loss he's seen. The other match? The most boring 0-0 with Stoke imaginable.

  • While you're at it, have a moment of pity for me as well. My brother's friend came as well and sat next to me, and he spent 90 minutes telling me about how much he hated Vlad and that we should be playing 4-4-2. He then said that the reason we lost was because Adebayor came on. He was also offered free tickets to WHL for the match on New Year's Day that he turned down. This kid was the worst (in all seriousness outside of football chat he seemed a good kid).


Thanks a million to Milo for his report from the stands. Give him a follow on Twitter at @themilopearson and say hi to him in the comments.